[...] Oh. My. Word. Emma has magic hands. Her attention to detail and caring approach were second to none. The hot stones were an added touch of magic. We could not recommend Emma and her services highly enough.
Emma O'Brian
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What is Hot Stone Massage?

Hot stone therapy is using basalt stones to massage the body. The basalt stones are volcanic stones that are rich in iron so they are able to retain the heat.

Unlike the Hot Stones Sports Therapy, the focus here is deep relaxation.

I use a mixture of relaxation and slow deep tissue massage techniques with the stones to massage the body and the deeper layer of muscles.

The heat penetrates the muscle 6 times quicker than a manual massage. Also known as the power of ten. One stroke of a hot stone is equivalent to the ten manual strokes. It really is that good!

It completely melts the tension away…

Heightens extreme relaxation…

You will feel light as a feather…

Prices start from £40

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